4 Best Movie Download Apps

Best Movie Download Apps

Nowadays everyone wants to watch movies but the problem is a shortage of time and the distance from the cinema hall to their place. Due to our busy daily life, it is quite difficult to take some time for our relaxation. Watching movies in the cinema hall gives us an amazing experience but many of us also like to watch those movies sitting at home. In this post, we will discuss about the best movie download apps. 

movie download app

Many of us are unknown about the process or ways to download and watch movies. There is a huge number of people download movies from Torrent and it's not legal.  In this article we will learn about 4 Best movie download apps or websites to download or watch movies online. 

It is safe to download or watch movies form a legal website or App to stop piracy. Piracy and illegal download is a crime so we all should step forward to stop this.  Here is the list of 100% legal movie download apps and Websites to download or watch a movie. 

Here is The List of 4 Best Movie Download Apps:

Number 4:  Amazon Prime Video

movie download app

Amazon Prime Video is mostly known as Internet video-on-demand service. It was launched on 7th September 2006 In United States. You can watch or download videos from Amazon Prime Video Android App. Amazon Prime Video is a paid subscription Application, which offers you to watch movies and video series in many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, and Bengali, etc. Due to increasing popularity it is expanding worldwide. 

There are some restrictions on downloading videos. You can not download videos to laptop or desktop computers. Another important aspect is that all of those contents won't be available for download. 

Number 3:  Hotstar

movie download app

Hotstar is a free AVOD platform that means Advertisement Based Video On Demand platform. It is one of the most popular and India's largest premium streaming platform available in 17 different languages. Hotstar provides a one month free trial for all new subscribers.

Watching live cricket, tennis and other sports is the best part of this Application and as you know we love to watch cricket. Using Hotstar you can watch live television serials, Movies, video series, cricket, tennis, and football, etc.

You will able to watch new Indian movies in Hotstar App after subscription. The cost of this Subscription is affordable compared to other Applications.  Hotstar doesn’t offer you to access Hollywood movies and American TV channels like HBO, Fox-live, etc. 

Number 2:  Netflix

movie download app
Netflix is a global based video streaming Android Application and it's one of the best android movie apps. It has three streaming plans: Basic, Standard & Premium. 

Netflix offers you Movies, video series, TV shows, after subscription only.  One of the best parts of this Application is you can watch the blockbuster web series like Sacred Games, Lust Stories, Tall Girl, Jamtara and many more.

One of the advantages it provides is you can avail of the basic plan content on TV as well as on Laptops. You can also watch and download movies using this application. Netflix offers you to free trial subscription for one month. After registration, you can act more 5 devices to access Netflix OTT Platform.  Indian audiences love this because of some awesome Video series. 

Number 1: YouTube

movie download app

YouTube is the best video streaming Android Application in 
world. Google is the parent organization of YouTube Application. YouTube is also considered as the best free movie download app without any subscription. YouTube offers you movies, video series, Video songs, video information, news, TV shows, and many more. 

Now YouTube has been the number two search engine in the world. You can find out lots of information on YouTube. YouTube offers you to upload good informative videos in free of cost not only that but also YouTube gives you a platform to earn money from YouTube partner program. YouTube has its own community guidelines and you have to maintain it. 

You can download all of these above mentioned applications from Google Play Store.

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