Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business In India

Some of the most popular Social Media Platforms For Business In India

Social media platforms help us in creating and sharing content as well as participating in social networking. These platforms were initially used to connect us within the friends and family groups. With time things have taken a new direction and thereafter no look back. Considering its popularity and effectiveness people have started utilizing it for business growth.

Many people also look for alternate ways to make money. I have seen a few people searching on Google about the best social media platform to make money. Today it is one of the best ways to grow business and getting revenues from it. Today we are going to learn about the best social media platforms around.

Top Social Media Platforms In India
Social Media Platforms

Before getting on with the list, we would like to clarify what are the parameters we must follow to keep that social media platform in our list. Those parameters are not something to worry about. It includes user-friendliness, easy creation, sharing, discussing and participating in various topics posted by users and finally effectiveness for the business.

So, here is the list of top 5 social media platforms for business in India

5. Snapchat:  Snapchat is one of the easiest social media platforms to talk with friends, watching live stories of people around the world. The most interesting feature of this platform is "sent pictures and videos" that are meant to be disappeared once viewed. Different types of emojis are used here which are having individually different meanings. Due to its growing popularity people have started considering it to promote their business.

Social Media Platform For Business

4. LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically used by Professionals. It does not mean that people do not use it to share their events and happenings. They do, but that is done by only a few considerably ignorable people.

LinkedIn offers the facility of promoting your LinkedIn page. You can create and share content related to your business. It is one of the most effective social media platforms where you can expand your network to reach the potential customers. 500 million + members are using LinkedIn which is huge and can boost your business review.

3. Instagram: Instagram allows users to share photos and videos. It is considered to be the best photo and video sharing social media platform. It was launched in 2010 and gained huge popularity thereafter. As per the last update in May 2019, it has 1 billion registered users.
Instagram has features like hashtags which help users to discover photos as well as other users. Photographic filter feature is also available which lets the users apply on their images.

Social Media Platform For Business

Initially Instagram was considered as a photo-sharing social media platform. Only then in June 2013 it Launched a video sharing option where users can upload videos of up to 15 seconds. There is a facility of adding up to 10 pictures o videos on a single post. Various user-friendly features as well as a huge user base make it efficient for the people to take it seriously for the growth of their business.

2. Twitter: Twitter is based in San Francisco, California and has more than 25 offices all over the world. It was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006. As per last update of 2018, twitter has more than 321 million active users all over the world.

Social Media Platform For Business

Small to medium-sized businesses prefer twitter to showcase their products and services because it is not only effective but the cost is minimal. There is a good conversion rate on Twitter, so if you want to promote your business, you can choose this social media platform.

1. Facebook: Facebook helps us to reach our friends, families and other near ones in no time. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes on 4 February, 2004. A total of 2.37 billion active users are there on this social media platform.

The huge user base remains one of the main reasons why business owners are shifting their focus towards Facebook advertising. This is considered the best social media platform for business as it helps in customer support as well as boosting recognition.

Social Media Platforms For Business In India

There is flexibility of creating pages and promoting them on Facebook. You have to share valuable content so that audiences can get exactly what they need. For small and medium-sized business budget remains the primary concern, therefore, have a very good plan to start with.

Social Media Platforms For Business

So, finally we can say social media platforms are an integral part of our day to day life, where we spend some valuable time and promote our business through it. The mentioned 5 platforms are best in all perspectives. Moreover, the users, the target audiences are there for fetching greater revenues to our business.

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