Top 4 Brain Games For Android

Top 4 Brain Games For Android Phones

A large number of people use Android phones. Everyone says playing games on mobile is not good but I don't think that's right.  I'm not talking about all kinds of games here, but there are some brain games for android that help to develop your brain. That's what this article is all about.

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We spend a lot of time throughout the day using our mobile but if you want then you can spend some time playing some good brain games on your android phone.  You can download these brain games for android and it’s free on the Google Play Store.

Here is The List Of Top 4 Brain Games:

Kids love to play the Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) game too much. A lot of people play this game with family and friends. One of my cousins taught me to play this brain game and I really liked it. 

Sholo Guti is one of those exciting games which keeps us busy playing it for longer.

In fact, the technology will be so advanced that I never realized I would ever get the chance to play the game on mobile. Yes, I'm talking about Bead 16 (Sholo Guti). This game really helps to improve your brain. The game is available for free at Google Play Store.

Some people think this one to be quite easy but let me tell you this is not easy as it looks. Every moment you have to think and play which keeps our brain active.

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Number 3: Flow Free

Flow Free is a great brain game. To create a flow between pipes of the same color you just have to attach the matching colors to the pipe, but they will be lost if the pipes are crossed or overlapped.  There are 2500 or more puzzles in Flow Free Game. From this game, you can learn how to get out of a bad time.

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Number 2: limbo

The name of my most favorite game is Limbo. In fact, the game is very difficult and interesting. This brain game had arrived in 2010. If you haven't played, then please try it once. The only difficulty is that the game is not completely free. Play the demo version and if you like then buy it. Time and signal is the key to this game. There is no word about the graphic in the Limbo game.

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Number 1: Chess Free

There are few people in India who haven't played chess games. One of the best brain games I've ever seen. I believe that every person having at least a little bit of interest in chess has spent some time playing this game in life. 

Each piece has a character in it and you have to give a lot of thought for the next step of this game. From this game, we can learn a lot in our lives. Many of the techniques learned from this game have many roles in real life. If you are playing this game for the first time please take a guideline.

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You can download all games for free on android phones from Google Play Store.

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