Best Video Calling Apps Online

Best Video Calling Apps Online

Gone are those days when people used to spend their days happily with family and friends and without any internet. We have now arrived in such a generation where survival without the internet is most challenging.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak many of us are having tough times sitting at home. We cannot ignore the fact we are getting some time for ourselves as well as for our families. Due to the extension of lockdown many people are getting bored, while some are investing the time in various activities like singing, dancing, cooking, etc. at home.

We must agree with the fact that friends and relatives also play a big role in our life. There are many ways to stay connected with them in this situation also. One of the most preferable options is video calling. Various video calling apps are available online to make your experience better.
In this article, we will discuss about best video calling apps online.

Whatsapp: It is certainly one of the easiest video calling apps. To use the video calling feature on Whatsapp just open it and go to that particular profile with whom you want to make the video call. If you want to make a video call in a group then a maximum of 8 people can be involved. The limitation of having fewer numbers of participants in a group makes people go for other options. Also, the video and audio quality is not so good on this video calling app.

Whatsapp Video Calling App
Whatsapp Video Calling App

Imo: It is one of the most popular video calling apps. Use this app for normal video calling only but not safe for private or secure conversation as the safety feature like end to end encryption is not available on this video calling app.

Google Meet: It is Google’s own video calling app, anyone can use this feature having a Google account and installing this app on their device. Google is providing this service for free starting from 4th May till 30th September 2020.

Zoom: It is best for large group video conferences among friends or families. It is also widely used in many companies for work-related video conference. It has screen sharing feature available for free.

Google Duo: It is the best one-to-one video calling app in recent times. Google Duo is free, easy to use, and most importantly it works on both iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for a video calling app for simple and stable video conversation then you can choose Google Duo.

Skype: Skype is one of those oldest methods people use even today for video calling. The cross-device calling feature makes it special for its users. You can use it on any mobile device, PC, or tablet. For using it on PC you need to have a webcam on your PC. It also has a screen sharing feature available in it.

Facetime: It is best for apple, iOS, and macOS users. It is not available on android devices. You cannot use this video calling app on your PC also. It is one of those very promising and flexible video calling apps.

Use any of these above mentioned online video calling apps to reach out to your near and dear ones and enjoy a great time with them.

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