Some Tips To Quit Smoking And Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Tips To Quit Smoking And Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

We often come across a few lines which are also visible on cigarette packets that spread the awareness to quit smoking. Smoking is one of those bad habits which led our lives towards the end. The people who smoke regularly are called active smokers, some people smoke frequently like before finishing one they start another, they are called chain smoker.

Another type of smoker exists and they are familiar as passive smokers. Secondhand smoker or passive smoker usually gets affected while inhaling the smoke from the environment.
Smoking affects us many ways, starting from the environment, to the people around us as well as our own health. We must have observed the smoke which comes from burning tobacco, is very dangerous.

 It is never an easy task for an active smoker to quit smoking easily. It is an addiction so it takes time to keep you completely away from smoking. But if we try to stop this addiction to save this world together then we will get positive results which will have a good impact on our health as well on the environment and people around us.

Some tips to quit smoking:

  •  First, try to reduce the quantity for a whole day or week. Then try to maintain that reduced   numbers for some days or few weeks. Then again reduce that number for the next few days or a   week. Trying this way hopefully will make it a little bit easier for you.
  •   Try to keep yourself busy in activities that like most
  •    Avoid being with active smokers most of the time
  •    Try to eat healthy foods and drinks
  •    Try to quit alcohol drinking
  •     If after many efforts you failed to quit smoking then try counseling and medication

Smoking increases the chances of cancer. So, we will be safe from cancer, if we can quit smoking as soon as possible. Passive smokers get equally affected as they will be at high risk of stroke also sometimes a premature death.

Quit Smoking

We all need to make people aware of the benefits of quitting smoking. We need to participate in quitting smoking awareness campaigns. It will help them motivating to overcome such a dangerous addiction. School, college, university, office premises should be made smoke-free zones. We have to apply strict laws for people breaking these rules.

Some of the major benefits of quitting smoking are:

                 It has great importance in controlling the blood pressure.
                 It will have a positive impact on Lung function.
                 We can be safe from being in the high risk of stroke
                 It helps in reducing the risk of high blood sugar and diabetes
                 It helps in having a better immunity system
                 One of the most important benefits is it reduces the risk of lung cancer
                 The people, pets around us will be healthy and safe

Some other benefits are also there and most importantly we will feel good about our health which will have a good impact on our near and dear ones. So, quit smoking sooner than later to save yourself as well as the world. We should always be concerned about our coming generations and we have to make mother earth a better place to live.

                                             Quit Smoking Today To Enjoy A Healthy & Happy Life!!

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