Benefits Of Green Tea And Its Side Effects On Health

Benefits Of Green Tea And Its Side Effects On Health

Benefits Of Green Tea On Health

Starting afresh day with a cup of green tea will keep your body active the whole day. A major number of people like to start their day by drinking a cup of tea or coffee. We cannot deny the popularity coffee has but while we start thinking about some benefits on our health then we prefer green tea. The researchers have listed some vital benefits of green tea on health through their various research and experiments. Through this article, we will come to know about a few of those benefits of green tea on health.

Cancer: While talking about the benefits of green tea we must not forget its contribution towards preventing cancers. Some compounds in green tea help in fighting cancers. Green tea’s EGCG antioxidant helps in preventing skin cancer. It also helps in preventing breast, lung, colon cancers.

Weight Loss: Green tea provides a small amount of contribution towards weight management. If you are an overweight adult then green tea can have a good impact in losing weight. Though the impact is not huge here but we can try it for being a natural and easier way to get some help in reducing weight.

Heart: Green tea helps in reducing total cholesterol, blood fats, etc. Drinking more than 2 cups of green tea per day will keep your heart healthy. Flavonoids, antioxidants protect us against heart diseases. Green tea has sufficient amounts of flavonoids & antioxidants in it.

Benefits Of Green Tea On Health
Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin & Face: 

Drinking green tea regularly will give you a glowing skin. Green tea is helpful for oily skins and erasing bad pimples. Using the cold green tea as a face wash will erase the pimples faster. Green tea’s EGCG antioxidant also helps in fighting wrinkles.

Brain: Green tea has a good impact on brain health. Green tea contains two major compounds named L-theanine and caffeine which enhances our brain functions. 2 cups or more than 2 cups of green tea per day helps in preventing mental decline.

Allergies: Drinking green tea regularly provides some relief from allergies. Green tea’s EGCG compound blocks receptors that used to trigger allergic responses.

Asthma: One of the major benefits of green tea is controlling asthma. Caffeine compound of green tea helps asthmatic patients to breathe easier. Caffeine and theophylline have great importance in providing relief to asthma patients.

Anti-Aging: Green tea helps in preventing premature aging. Green tea’s antioxidants help in reducing inflammation in our bodies. Green tea’s EGCG antioxidant is considered as an anti-aging ingredient.

Boost Metabolism: Green tea’s antioxidants help our body in burning extra calories. So, drinking green tea daily can increase our metabolic rates.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar: Diabetes increases the chance of cancer. EGCG antioxidant of green tea has vital importance in controlling diabetes. Also for being richer in polyphenol green tea reduces oxidative stress. Green tea also helps in reducing the spike in blood sugar.

Benefits of Green Tea and Side Effects

These are some of the benefits of green tea on our health. Also, remember excessive drinking of green tea may also have side effects on your health. Headache, sleep problems, diarrhea, vomiting, nervousness are some of those side effects caused by drinking more green tea.

Note: If you are finding symptoms of any of those above mentioned diseases then please consult a doctor first.

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