How To Cook Best Brown Rice Recipe

Best Brown Rice Recipe

Rice is one of the favourite foods among every Indian especially for Bengalis. Brown rice cooking comes under one of the basic cooking tasks. We have to accept the fact that many among us are still curious to know the whole process so that they can try it at home. Today we will cover the topic of how to cook brown rice. Please follow the below mentioned process step by step:

Ingredients :-)
2 cup water
1cup brown rice

How To Cook Brown Rice
Brown Rice

Method :-)

Take brown rice in a bowl, rinse it well then add water and soak it for at least 20minutes. Drain water.

Turn on the flame then boil the water.

Add pre washed and soaked rice into boiling water (1cup of rice for needs 2cups of water) stir it and boil for 8 - 10 minutes.

Drain out the excess water and fluff rice with a fork, then serve warm.

How to cook rice basmati:

We have discussed another process of cocking rice in pressure cooker.

How to cook Rice in pressure cooker 

Ingredients :-)

Raw rice (Basmati, regular long grain, short grain)

How to cook rice basmati
Basmati Rice

Method :-)

At first take 1cup of rice in the bowl then wash it with water properly,  do this step at least three or four times.

Then add the rinsed rice and water to the pressure cooker. Stir well.

Make sure you place rubber lid and also place the vent valve.

Close the lid and give 2 whistles in medium to high flame.

Open the lid only after it cooled down completely.

Fluff the rice well using a fork before serving it.

Hopefully you have got a clear idea about the two different process of cooking rice. Prepare it and serve to your near & drear ones.

We have previously covered the process to prepare gajarka halwa. You can have a look there and try it at home.

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